We provide Quality, Compassionate, Comprehensive Dental & TMJ care for the injured worker.

Dr. Benarroch is certified to complete QME, AME, & Med-Legal evaluations.

Conditions We Treat

Periodontal Procedures

TMJ & Restorative Procedures

Our Code of Care

It’s A Reception Room (Not a place to wait)

Your time is so valuable to us, we do not want you to keep you waiting. We really want you happy!

Total Patient Experience

From the first phone call until treatment is completed, we provide guidance, explanations, and respect.

A Plan for Lifelong Dental Health

Taking all your injuries and illnesses into account, we help create a solid plan to achieve optimal periodontal health.

Care in a State-of-the-art Facility

Receive advanced periodontal care in a professional facility, utilizing sophisticated technology and progressive periodontal procedures.

You Deserve
to Be Treated

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation includes the following assessments: Dental exam, Periodontal exam, Radiographic exam, TMJ and Jaw muscle exam, Salivary screening, Oral Cancer screening, Cone Beam CT scan, and any necessary photos.

Authorization & Payment

Our staff handles all aspects involved in obtaining authorization, including creating detailed reports that substantiate your claim, communication with your insurance company, and requesting authorization and payment.

Follow-Up Care

Follow-up care is critical and patients must schedule periodontal maintenance and exams four times a year. If an injured worker’s settlement includes future medical care, these visits will be covered by their work comp insurance.

Education & Awareness

Most injured workers are unaware of the relationship between dental problems and work injuries. We work hard to make injured workers, their attorneys, and treating medical doctors aware of the connection.

Evaluation on a Lien

If an insurance carrier denies the initial exam, we will still perform the evaluation and issue a report without authorization. (A lien must be filed with the work comp courts so that payment will be made once the case is settled.) If we have an established working relationship with your attorney, we will see you for an exam even if your insurance carrier denies authorization.

Emergent Care on a Lien

In most cases when a work comp carrier denies treatment, we will be able to provide emergency care even without authorization. (Your attorney must handle proper lien filing and submission.)

Special Cases

We collaborate with other specialists and create alternative solutions in complex situations.

Our 1, 2, 3 Process

For Workers' Comp Compensation

Case in Point

Work comp authorized a full upper removable denture, supported on 4 implants, for one of our patients. She wore the new denture for 6 months, but couldn’t get used to them. They made her gag and impacted her speech. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to obtain authorizations from the insurance carrier, we were successful in obtaining approval for a new fixed upper prosthesis.

Fighting for Your Rights

We believe in fighting for our patients’ rights.
We believe in fighting for you.

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