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Periodontal Support

Your Workers' Comp Legal Weapon

Skilled Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) Services

Lien-Based Patient Diagnosis & Emergent Care

Deposition Preparation Assistance

Detailed, Substantiated Reports

Create a Power Team

Show Me the Proof:

Fact-filled reports include clinical findings, diagnoses, causation, impairment and recommended treatment.

The Language of Experts:

Deposition preparation assistance provides familiarity with dental terminology.


Our intimate knowledge of the utilization review process and insurance carriers move cases along at a steady pace.

Medical Expertise:

Exhaustive diagnostic testing provides your client with QME certified information and compassionate periodontal care.

Your client is entitled to treatment.

helps you make sure he gets it.

Skilled, Professional Care

Your client will receive treatment from our board-certified periodontist and dental implant surgeon, Moshe Benarroch, DMD, QME, who specializes in the treatment of industrial injuries, TMJ and myofascial pain issues. Practicing for over 20 years, our singular goal is to improve the health of our patients.

Secure the Compensation that Your Client Deserves

Dental workers’ comp cases present their own unique challenges. Most injured workers are unaware that their dental issues have been caused by their industrial injuries. Even medical professionals who examine the patient after an injury fail to ask about the dental impact. This makes receiving authorization and compensation from insurance carriers even more challenging to secure.

Having an expert dentist working with you hand in hand means that you come well-equipped for battle. With clear substantial, medical proof establishing industrial causation, in-depth clinical diagnoses highlighting impairment, and expert treatment recommendations underlining their necessity by an approved QME provider, your clients will actually receive the compensation they deserve.

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