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Many injured workers are unaware of the connection between their industrial injury and their dental issues. At my practice, we provide education and awareness, along with our specialized treatment. For example, the medications a patient takes for an injury can cause dry mouth – which leads to cavities. Chronic pain, anxiety, and depression can cause bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth), which leads to teeth breakage, aggravation of periodontal disease, tooth loss, jaw pain, and TMJ pain.

Loss of teeth and mouth pain affects your overall quality of life.
From eating and sleeping to socializing, everything is a challenge.

Skilled comprehensive dental care treats and solves all your dental challenges and makes pain and embarrassment a thing of the past.

Imagine being able to smile again with confidence. No embarrassing gaps in your mouth. No pain in your jaw. No covering your face so people won’t see what your mouth really looks like. Picture yourself going to a party with your head held high. Applying for a job with a swagger in your step. Or going on a date, without wondering how to keep your mouth hidden for the night.

Imagine reclaiming your life.

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