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Workers' Comp Care the Way It Should Be

Diagnosis & Treatment of Industrial Dental & TMJ Injuries

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Skilled Navigation of Utilization Review Process

You're injured at work.

Aside from the physical pain and damaging effect on your overall well-being, should you also have to fight for compensation that’s rightfully yours?


We are dental experts in treating work-related injuries while acting as a partner in the process, helping to ensure that you receive the treatment you deserve.

Workers' Comp is a Complicated World

  • Paperwork to file
  • Deadlines to make
  • Reports to submit
  • Doctors to schedule
  • Insurance companies to hassle

I am a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. In 2010, I went through a traumatic accident at work, causing me to have dry mouth and grind my teeth. This led to cracking and cavities. I began to withdraw and stay to myself, due to the bad breath from the cavities.

A few years later, I came to your office and you and your staff fixed all my damaged teeth and gums, which led to my confidence coming back. Your staff was very professional and caring, making it comfortable for me to keep coming back for treatment. I want to thank you, not only for fixing my teeth, but also for your caring and friendly conversations.

You Need More Than Just a Specialized Dentist

You need a skilled practitioner who knows how to walk the fine lines, understands the workings of insurance carriers, and is deeply familiar with the ins and outs of the utilization review process.

How It Works:

Moving forward is simple, take it step by step.

  • Contact our office to schedule an initial exam.
  • We’ll perform an exam and any other necessary testing, issue a full report that addresses causation, impairment and the recommended treatment plan.
  • A request for authorization and a comprehensive report addressing the connection between your injury and your dental issues will be submitted to your insurance carrier.
  • Once treatment is authorized, we will complete the treatment plan.
  • You’ll receive follow-up care four times a year for continued oral health if authorized by insurance carrier).
  • If treatment is not authorized the report will serve as the catalyst and tool for your attorney to request a QME or to get your treatment authorized in court.

Workers' Comp Care

You need an , working hand in hand with your attorney, a skilled periodontist ,
understands the process, and provides solid, proven methods to achieving your ultimate goal:

A Stress-Free Workers' Comp Experience

  • Imagine a life where you feel better
  • A day when you receive qualified help and without any stress
  • A time when filing a workers' comp claim and retrieving treatment is smooth sailing
  • No fight. No struggle. No aggravation. Just expert, covered care.

Workers' Comp Authorization Isn't an Easy Road to Travel Alone

  • Running in circles, trying to gather all the appropriate paperwork on your own to prove your case.
  • Hitting dead ends, with treatment completely denied due to insufficient documentation.
  • Waiting a long time just to hear that you’re still not going to receive the adequate coverage you deserve.

Take the First Step:

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